1. Payment Term

i. 50% deposit
ii. 45% due one day before installation of wainscoting 
iii. 5% upon completion

2. Interest Any sum not paid within thirty (30) days of the due date shall accrue interest at eighteen percent (18%) per annum.

3. Cancellation Cancellation must be made before commencement of work on site and the deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.If cancellation is made after the commencement of work on site, 80% of the total agreement sums must be paid to the company as compensation.

4. Scope of Work The company will provide labour, materials, and equipment to perform the work for the project on the site.

5. Work Time Frame Estimation The company will provide estimated time frame for the work required in the project which the customer agrees. If the time frame is not sufficient, the company will extend the time frame in order to finish the work without any additional cost. However if the time frame is not sufficient due to customers own fault or any delay caused by the customer for whatever reasons, the customer must pay additional cost incurred in order for the work to be completed. Company is not responsible for any delay caused due to customer failure to make progress payment agreed.

6. Site Preparation & Entrance “The customer must make sure the site is ready and suitable for installation and/or renovation works to progress and the customer must allowed entrance to the company staff and agent. The customer will handle any matters concerning license or authorization from any relevant bodies such as Local Authority, Joint Management Body, etc. if necessary before installation & renovation works on the site commences.”

7. Property Damage The customer is solely responsible to take care of all of the belongings on site. Removing and/or moving furniture, picture frame (including picture frame on the wall), fixture and/or other item on the site is NOT part of the service unless it is included in the written quotation. The company will use reasonable efforts to minimize damage to existing improvements, including, without limitation, driveways, landscaping, lawns, and any other existing improvements on the Property. However, the company is not responsible or liable for minor incidental or consequential damages to the Property, other than the Project, or to customer’s personal property. The customer is responsible for removing or protecting personal property, furniture, landscaping, and other items in the vicinity of the Project site. “The customer may request the company to assist in removing and/or moving furniture, picture frame (including picture frame on the wall), fixture and/or other item on the site in order for the work to progress. HOWEVER, the customer agrees that the company will not be liable for any damages arise during and after the process.”


8. Subcontractors, Employees & Suppliers. “The company is entitled to select subcontractors, employees, and suppliers who will work on or provide materials for the Project. The company is solely responsible for hiring, firing, and supervising construction personnel. The customer will not give directions or orders to anyone other than the Company’s consultant or its designated Project supervisor. The customer will not interfere with installation or construction personnel or negotiate with or retain any of the Company’s employees or subcontractors without the Company’s prior written consent. The customer will not have any work performed on the Project by other personnel until the company has completed the Project or this Agreement has been terminated.”


9. Addition/Variation “The customer may not make changes to the Project without the company’s agreement. Any addition or variation made by the customer to the existing quotation is subject to new quotation and new terms and conditions.”


10. Final payment Final payment must be made within three (3) days after the completion of work.


11. Corrective Work The company will use its best efforts to satisfactorily complete all items on the Project within a reasonable time and with minimal disturbance to the customer, however corrective work might still be necessary upon inspection by both parties after the completion of work. Nonetheless, this corrective work will not permit the customer to withhold or delay final payment.


12. Limited Warranty “The company provides limited one (1) month warranty upon the completion of work. The Limited Warranty will be voidable in the event that final payment to the company is not made. All requests for repairs and touch up must be made within one (1) month of the warranty period.”


13. Assumption of Risk & Disturbance “The customer understands and acknowledges that during the course of construction, the residence may not be safe for non-construction personnel. The customer assumes all risks for Owner, family members, invitees, agents, or guests, including without limitation, personal injury from, relating to or associated with, the Project or the Company’s performance, except for gross negligence or wilful injury.”


14. On-Site Utilities and Facilities “Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the company’s and its subcontractor’s, employees or agent may use the utility services, electricity, water supply, and a designated bathroom within the Project site without charge.”


15. 2D/3D DESIGN TERM Unless otherwise stated, the company will provide design drawing exclusively as per items listed in the agreed quotation without charges. The company will have the absolute right to plan, arrange, sketch and create the design drawing at its own discreation. Any amendment on the drawing are wholly on the company discreation whether to provide or not. Any request above that, the company may provide its term according to the discreapancies


16. Acceptation of these Terms & Conditions The customer is deemed to accept these terms & conditions when the customer has paid any agreeable sum of amount as deposit.


17. The Project The project is all the work listed in the quotation, plans and/or other documents agreeable by both parties.


18. The Site The site is the place or the venue where the project is executed.


19. The Parties The Company is WALLMASTER GLOBAL (M) SDN BHD, its employee, subcontractor and agent. The Customer is the individual whether a person or entity who made the payment.

Terms & Conditions

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